Dunk Murphy delivers the follow up album to „Fallen Arches“ with a 18 track whirlwind weighing in at just over 45 minutes. All tracks stem from a year long period between late 2010 and 2011 in which Dunk took four hours every Friday to write a track from scratch and send it to a bunch of friends. The tracks are more synth & sample based than his previous work focusing on sly, flamming rhythms and a gritty, percussive timbre while still holding on to his unique sense of melody. Plenty of processed vocals, twisting synths, dubbed out crunching beats.

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Grimes vs. Benatar – Be A Battlefield (spf5Ø mashup)
Haruki Tamesue – Pachinko de Mayor (spf5Ø edit)
No Joy + Fever Ray – |███​|​|​█​|​██ |██​|​█i██​|​███​|​█ |██​|​|​█ (spf5Ø mashup)
2​(​)​LLY – 5VICID3 Ki55 (spf5Ø Dance Remix)
spf5Ø – My Smoking is Idioteque
▲NDRΛS – Ten of Swords (spf5Ø remix)
spf5Ø – High Plains Jimmy James
spf5Ø – ♥ɲłƴ 666vṝł N †He www​.​☯ṝłd (Rihanna)
Skinny Puppy – Incision​(​spf5Ø live mix)
spf5Ø – The Knife – Marble House (strange remix collage)
spf5Ø & SKELETONKIDS – Mistakes Were Made
Grimes – Circumambient (spf5Ø edit)
Katy Perry- †ΞΞNΛ9Ξ D2ΞΛM (spf5Ø remix)
spf5Ø – Broken ♥s Blue Eyes
Kylie Minogue -▼LL †H3 ♥3R$ (spf5Ø remix)
Purity Ring – Lofticries (spf5Ø live AMBIENt drool edit)
Crystal Castles – Empathy (spf5Ø edit)
VS​/​/​YOUTHCLUB – FOOTNOTE (‚Heisenberg‘ edit) (spf5Ø remix)
spf5Ø feat. BLAM LORD – Blammers‘ Errand
spf5Ø feat. BLAM LORD – ▲ll Bl▲ck †riforces
spf5Ø & ƔI▲†∆†▲IƔ – Strange Daze (feat. ☪♀co ᴐaᴚᴃ☉ᵯᴃ)
My Mine – Hypnotic Tango (spf5Ø edit)
Purity Ring – Belispeak (spf5Ø remix)
Röyksopp ‎– What Else Is There (spf5Ø live edit)

1. Julee Cruise – Into the Night (Black Lodge Mix) 07:43
2. Kylie Minogue – Get Outta My Way (spf5Ø drag edit) 05:12
3. L35 Y3VX 54N5 V‡5463 (Billy Idol – Eyes Without a Face) 05:16
4. Marilyn Manson – Kiddie Grinder (DR▲666D & DRV666D) 04:48
5. M()D32N 74LK‡N6 – Y()V23 MY ♥ Y()V23 MY 5()VL 07:20
6. Haruki Tamesue – Pachinko De Mayo (spf5Ø mix) 05:39
7. V∆MP†R€ 4 VR ♥ (T. Rex – Jeepster drag)

spf5Ø – DRAG THE LAKE ††
1. Robyn – Dancing On My Own 04:10
2. A Tribe Called Quest – Butter 03:42
3. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – A Daisy Chain 4 Satan 04:40
4. SOFT RIOT – You’re Not From Around Here 05:11
5. Crystal Castles – Empathy 05:59
6. The Knife – High School Poem 03:35
7. Marilyn Manson – Misery Machine 03:48
8. Class Actress – Journal of Ardency 05:36
9. NANCY – The Gay Rage 04:20
10. MDN▲ – IN†O †HE GR▲VE 06:33
11. Skinny Puppy – The Choke 06:37
12. The Cr▲nberries – Dre∆ms 06:13
13. spf5Ø – Little White Pills (I†† dragulator mix)

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Hudební obchod má plně zásobené sklady vinylovými deskami, CD, oblečením a doplňky převážně tematikou DnB a Jungle. Mají tu také sekci MP3, kde jsou stovky hudebních souborů a značná část z nich má cenu 0.00£. Takže neváhejte a nakupujte zdarma!

Fanu – Coffee Crazy EP

Junglist. Samplist. Passionate DJ. Bassline-o-holic. Avid music lover. A breakbeat fanatic. An artist whose breaks are “full of texture and character“ (Amon Tobin).

Future Rock – One Day

Chicago’s own Future Rock have carved out a category largely their own, adding drifting elements of Krautrock and space rock to rhythmic textures that reference Motorik, funk and four-on-the-floor disco. Outside of hometown Chicago, they may be best known for high profile and excellent remixes of Daft Punk, Neon Indian, Black Moth Super Rainbow and DFA 1979. Back home they are justly celebrated for legendary performances such as their set at Wicker Park Fest that turned the entire neighborhood into a vast and energized dance floor, forcing even the palest and most resolutely hard-to-impress hipsters to call up their inner dance masters. Live performances combine loops, samples and Mickey Kellerman’s keyboards with Darren Heitz’s drums plus Felix Moreno’s Larry Graham-style bass slapping to create an enormously powerful groove. Their light show is as good as their music, and their set have been known to inspire dance frenzies.

J – Cold Cold Nights

„Jéčko“ je písničkářská garážovka v podání jednoho člověka – Jakuba Jiráska. Hraje na kytaru, zpívá o svých kamarádech, o výletech a o svojí holce. To všechno naživo doprovází jeho iPod

Dubtrack is a social music site where users share the latest and greatest by tuning in to user-generated playlists created by music lovers from all over the world. Listen to live streaming music & enjoy chatting with other music enthusiasts.

MP3 zdarma z Protiš

Jsme traviči nudy, profánnosti a konformity. Když zahlídneme šedou myš, saháme pro píšťalu a jdeme se projít k řece. Uprostřed bohaté hostiny odmítáme oschlý chlebíček. Kopnutím otvíráme okno a větráme žluklý vzduch. Natahujeme ruce a pomáháme vstát slabonohým, vítáme čaroděje tvořivosti, třebaže jsou střihorucí. Radost exploduje v kohoutích barvách, šedo-mrtvá tma se rozjasňuje.

Jsme tady, jsme živí, jsme Proti šedi!

Noisia Members Area

This is the Noisia Members Area. We will be giving away music and exclusive material here to anyone who signs up. On top of that, each Split the Atom: Special Edition CD has a unique promotional code printed on it which grants access to extra free downloads. Included in are the 2 disks of the special edition as 320 kbps mp3s, the older remixes we had done in 2010 by o.a. Amon Tobin and Spor and more material further down the road.

We feel that if you went out and bought the physical you should also own the digital.


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